NFT Platform Release on 31st January

5 min readJan 17, 2022

We are proud to announce that we will be releasing our Sale feature on our platform! The official date has been set to January 31st. It has been a long journey since then.

  • Team Jan 2021- We hired to start platform July 2021
  • Announced the CEO — Sonia Rayat

“I am very happy to announce that we’ll be releasing our sale feature on Social NFT Marketplace. Any social media influencers can mint NFTs on this platform.”

“This Platform also allows anyone to create and sell NFTs without the need to code smart contracts and have any knowledge about Blockchain technology”.

“On our platform, you can mint very easily with just one click. Torus wallet now available on one and only Social NFT !”

  • Onboarding — Create a profile
  • Minting — Any social media influencer can mint on this platform.
  • NFTgram — Social media platform
  • Release of Sale feature on our platform.

Many users have undoubtedly heard the term NFTs or non-fungible tokens, that is going to revolutionize the way the greater world is viewing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Moreover, the boom of NFT’s are widely spread and seeping into various industries such as healthcare, medical and more. These industries have adopted the crypto sphere. Like digital collectible assets such as online artwork, video games, GIFs, video or audio files etc.

However, nft art finance is now becoming more and more popular in the nft space. Basically, it’s a kind of cryptocurrency and wants to create a marketplace for many digital artists where they can sell and mint NFTs.

These days, NFTs are traded and built on a blockchain technology that can easily write and read data. Social NFT is the best nft marketplace where new collectors can buy, sell and mint NFTs. There are the best nft stocks to buy such as Funko, Dolphin Entertainment etc. for investors to invest in.

NFT Minting Platforms

Do you wanna mint your own NFTs? If yes, Social NFT minting is live now, Next up, our social media platform NFTGram. This platform brings strategic partnership with Umbrella House ! “mentored 100+ sales representatives.

Create NFTs with Metamask Wallet

Here, On this platform you can create an NFT. Here, are the following simple steps:

  • Access the site and click on the “Make” button. You would track down a brief request that you sign in to your Metamask wallet.
  • It is important to read the “Message” part that requests to confirm that you are choosing the right activity.
  • Simply click on create on the “My Collections” page, followed by adding a collection name, depiction, and profile picture. New clients have the adaptable method for including different NFTs in their collection
  • You can add new things to your NFT collection on the Social NFT marketplace. Click on “Add New Item” and afterward adhere to the directions. You can even transfer the great work of art and give it a name with web-based media joins portrayal prior to tapping on “Make.”

Create nft tours

This process involves experience, just an email .

Process of Minting NFTs

Below are the steps to mint an NFTs:

  • Start with the Creation of Asset

This strategy to make a NFT reliably begins with the creation of the asset it would address. Do also as you can to make a piece of inventiveness and connect with things of beauty. The electronic period offers a huge load of possibilities and choices from various kinds of cutting edge subjects and media like 3D, hyperrealist, special, sound, whimsical.

  • Buy BNB

In printing NFT conveys you to BNB, in like manner the computerized money of the Ethereum blockchain. At this point, a larger piece of NFT projects are in binance. In the wake of stepping artwork as NFT, you are making documentation on the blockchain with respect to the piece of artwork. Any user can sign up for a binance account that will allow you to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency.

  • Make a Non-Custodial BNB Wallet

Presently you understand that it is absolutely illogical to answer how to mint a NFT for nothing. You really want money to buy BNB for adding your claim to fame as a NFT to the Ethereum blockchain. At the point when you have your NFT on Ethereum blockchain, you might look for the best NFT marketplace to sell your work.

What Items Can You Mint?

NFTs are growing rapidly in the crypto world. Because of their unique characteristics, these cannot be duplicable with one another. Let’s discuss about the items that anyone can mint:

  • Digital artwork
  • Video games
  • GIFS
  • Music albums
  • Collectibles like digital trading cards
  • Virtual property
  • Video footage

Launch Your Own NFT Minting with Social NFT

Social NFT is the best nft marketplace for the top social media influencers, brands and investors to mint NFTs. Our huge knowledge in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency have made many new influencers join our platform. Let’s talk about our services:

  • Creation

Whether it should be a digital asset or any artwork, any artist can mint NFTs.

  • Display

Sync the existing smart contract and make it easier for huge fans to engage with your NFTs.

Features of NFT Minting platform

Below are the features any influencer should consider while minting their own NFTs.

  • Storefront

This is a one-stop destination for influencers to know the details of NFTs, bids, auctions, owner, price history and more.

  • Advanced Search

This platform supports category tagging and management functionality for making the searches easier than ever.

  • Listing of NFTs

The fans let’s know about your creation. Our platform has the feasibility to create NFT listings easier than any other marketplace.

Envision Future

Reports show that NFTs address opportunities to creators, and artists by giving authenticity and uniqueness of digital collectibles.For new gatherers who need to buy, sell or mint NFTs on the NFT marketplace site. One such is Social NFT.

This stage is the top NFT marketplace for new artists to buy, and sell NFTs. To mint NFTs, this is the best NFT marketplace to go to. As NFTs frenzy continues to climb watching out. Social NFT Marketplace is the best platform for new creators to start placing assets into cutting edge collectibles and fine art.




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