Celebrities That have Minted NFTs

3 min readDec 16, 2021

These days, NFTs or non-fungible tokens keep on ascending in the artwork, sports and diversion world. In the crypto space, numerous big names are dashing to mint their own NFTs. They use NFTs to tokenize everything from music, video or sound records to work of art. The furthest down the line frenzy to grasp the art world comes from the crypto space i.e., non-fungible tokens. Besides, NFT art finance engages numerous new collectors to make the best NFT marketplace for them to sell and mint NFTs.

Artist’s Role In NFTs

In this digital era, new collectors are searching for the best NFT marketplace to showcase their work, for example, online fine art, music, domain names, video games and even virtual land. In addition, NFTs are stirring things up in the digital art industry. Essentially, NFTs is a unique advanced craftsmanship that exists on a blockchain innovation. Accept the primary tweet for instance. As Jack, chief of twitter, sells his first tweet as a NFT for a record $2.9 million. Nonetheless, there are the best nft stocks for new investors to purchase right now like Dolphin Entertainment, Funko, Cloudflare and surprisingly more.

Celebs Minting NFTs

From advanced fine art to music collections celebs and performers are selling their one of a kind, non-replicable works to their fans. In this article, we will feature the absolute greatest names that are stamping NFTs.

  • Paris Hilton

Earlier days, Paris Hilton tweeted that she is going to release her first NFTs. But crypto bloggers point out that she already released NFT years ago. In August 2020, her cat was sent for auction on NFT platform Cryptograph. The sales donate to the charity.

  • Grimes

Canadian musician Grimes made a record for $5.8 million in under 20 minutes selling own NFTs on the best NFT marketplace like Nifty Gateway. The collection of 10 NFTs is connected with the singer’s brother who has worked with her several times in the past. The NFTs include snippets of Grimes’s upcoming music. The singer announces the auction in a tweet by writing, ‘Enter the void’.

  • Soulja Boy

After buying up his first cryptocurrencies, Soulja Boy mints an NFT called Crank That fame. Similar to Dorsey’s example, selling five tweets as NFTs in just three hours. A total of 20 versions are available on the best NFT marketplace known as Rarible price at 5 ETH. Moreover, a signed copy of his first tweet sold for around $1288 million.

New Opportunities for Artists

These days, new artists find NFTs a better approach to adapt their digital content to the best NFT marketplace. One such as Social NFT. This is the best stage for new gatherers who need to showcase their work to their fans. This platform also solves challenges for new artists by providing true ownership and authenticity of virtual items. For artists who want to earn money by selling NFTs, this marketplace is the best way to go.

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